Cerro Diamante Project is a world-class magnesium asset. The continental brine field has direct access to asphalt roads, railroads and the power electricity network. This places the Company in an outstanding position to generate a low cost production with a significant cash flow, which will in turn, underpin further growth.

The main tenements are located within Cerro Diamante Project area, where the mining and processing operations are currently based and where all currently defined Mineral Resources and Brine Reserves exist.

The exploration techniques employed by CDP include satellite imagery, surface prospecting, geochemical sampling, geophysical surveys and drilling.

The Cerro Diamante Project area contains over 4000 acres of continental brine deposits well known in the Diamante Basin for its excellent potential.

The richest lime and mineral layers were depositad since the beginning of the Holocene epoch. With probable resources of over 6.8 million mt of Magnesium Hydroxide, the potential of Cerro Diamante is world-class.

With our confidence boosted by our successful results from recent tests in our exploration wells, we believe this is an optimum time to enter into a high potential play that will soon start to deliver its significant economic potential.





  • Low cost operating environment in Mendoza.
  • All resources currently shallow (<85m depth) and open brine field.
  • Resources close to established infrastructure.
  • Simple and low cost beneficiation process expected based on recent magnesium production.
  • Product to be shipped from an existing port with capacity and access.​
  • Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment completed 2015 (PEA).
  • Enviromental impact assesment (EIA) approved.
  • An estimated mine life of 57 years.
  • Low variation in grade throughout the deposit suggests that the need for detailed grade control and selective mining methods will be limited.
  • An initial assumed overall average process recovery rate of 80% Mg based on laboratory scale tests work.
  • Export grade Magnesium Hydroxide Mg(OH)2 production and byproduct credit for Magnesium Oxide MgO, Potassium Chloride KCI and Lithium Carbonate Li 2C03
  • Already in production mine (NaCI).
  • Direct access to asphalted road and to high voltage electricity power lines.
  • Near San Rafael city.
  • Extensiva road, raíl and port infraestructura including bulk commodity​ port facilities at Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires and Valparaiso in Chile.
  • Low cash cost for production.
  • Sodium Chloride Infraestructura plant developed in San Rafael City.
  • Administrativa Infraestructura in San Rafael City.
  • Facilities for Manpower already installed at the mine.
  • Possibility of being the first in Argentinean market in Magnesium​ Hydroxide.

The Cerro Diamante mining assets covers over 40 km2 offering large production potential comparable to some of the largest Magnesium deposits worldwide. Our drilling program has confirmed measured Resources of 1.4 million mt, and over 6.8 million mt of indicated Magnesium Hydroxide resources.

The Cerro Diamante project has reserves of Magnesium Hydroxide, Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride. Because of its size, high magnesium grade, low impurity levels, and proximity to infrastructure has the advantage to be rapidly developed into a world-class environmentally friendly, long life magnesium operation. lts unique location encompasses many companies' objective of geographical diversification.

This asset has a significant infrastructure advantage in that electric power, natural gas, mainline rail, provincial highways, and access to nearby deep-sea port are all adjacent to the property.

General Geological Context


Argentina is a politically stable South American democracy with a modern system of management, and a developed infrastructure and manpower.

Currently the country is taking the necessary measures to ensure an economic development and improve investments.

There are some topics that make Argentina Mining industry as an ideal destiny for Mining investments: Less than 20% of the Mining regions with mining potential have been explored. Argentina ranks into the Top 15 mining exploration destinies.

The good and services suppliers have known how to fit themselves to the opportunity Mining brings, allowing a revenue diversification in consolidated companies, and the beginning of new ventures.